About Pokemon EclipseEdit

Have you ever wanted to play a Pokemon game without having to pay for it? Well now... you're just in the right place as we got ourselves a Pokemon game known as "Pokemon Eclipse". It is an RPG Website where you can battle, mine, trade and do more stuff! So, what are you waiting for? Play Pokemon Eclipse and think to yourselves how good the game is!

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Legendary AreasEdit

Jirachi's Park

Entei's Tower

Kyogre's Temple

Groudon's Palace

Mesprit's Lake

Mewtwo's Cavern

Manaphy's Haven

Eternal Garden

Heatran's Mountain

Spear Pillar

Regigigas' Domain

Deep Mewtwo's Cave

Moon Gaze Mountain

Icebound Cave

Sky Pillar

Mirage Ruins

Latest activityEdit

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