Bob is one of the main characters in Story Mode.

Personality Edit

In Galactic Story, at first, when you battle Bob for the first time, he sounds kid-friendly. However, once you battle Bob a few more times, he begins to get too over-confident. The third time you battle Bob, he says to the player that he has now joined Team Galactic. Beating him even more times will eventually lead him into thinking that the world is useless and that he will destroy it (which is known "evil"). In the other stories, Bob becomes less evil and in later stories, he becomes more annoying.

Trivia Edit

  • Bob is one of the only two Story Mode characters to have pokemon version of himself.
    • While the other also having a pokemon version of herself is Bob Rocks (Usually named Bobette as a pokemon).
      • If you didn't know, Bob's pokemon version has an Omega version.